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we will hold pita-ten icontests. this is when we will have icon ceontests for short icontests. you must follow the simple rules set up and the make the icon and enter it. you must enter it under a comment in the post where i have told you what our theme will be. break a rule and one vote will be taken away. the icon must not be shown to any one before the contest. then i will post the icons and you all may vite. please do not vote for your self and let it win with its own merits. if you truly think it is the best tell me why and if i think it is reasonable i will allow you to vote for your self. the mod will not vote but pick a mod's choice.

you can post pita-ten icons if you want to. if you don't have a site to host your icons use www.greatestjournal.com of www.photobucket.com to host your pictures. they must be 100x100 to be considered icons and no hentai content. the icons in the end will look some thing like this:

if you take an icon you are inclined to credit the person who made it. do not post icon and say they are yours. i will hunt you down if you do that. you must comment when you take an icon and do not alter them unless you were given permission by the creator.

you mat post icons, banners, wallpapers, anything pita-ten realted and not containing hentai content (must be made by YOU).